Imagining Tools to Improve the Quality of News and Information in a Social Media World

Teams of developers, journalists and innovative thinkers will be challenged to discover new tools, business models, and services that deliver context-rich, real-time social journalism to users across digital platforms. Hackathon participants will be supported by mentors from media, investment and technology communities through workshops, demonstrations and one-on-one conversations.

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All registered attendees are eligibile to submit projects at the conclusion of the hackathon. Only project submitted to ChallengePost will be considered for the prize awards. 




Projects may be submitted in one or more of the following categories:

  • Best Overall Project
  • Best Use of the Public Media Platform API
  • Best Use of the Chute API
  • Best Use of the Wayin API


What to create:

A prototype application and/or website and brief pitch deck or video describing your idea, its application, and business model.



iOS, Android, Windows Mobile or other mobile platforms, Web, and/or Mac or Windows desktop.



Drew Aschman

Drew Aschman

Mike McKean

Mike McKean
RJI Futures Lab

Dale Musser

Dale Musser
Missouri School of Journalism

Tim Olson

Tim Olson

Carol Varney

Carol Varney

Peter Karman

Peter Karman
American Public Media

Judging Criteria

  • Contribution to Journalism
    How significant is this project's contribution to the future of journalism?
  • Innovation
    How novel and innovative is this project? (i.e., new idea and/or approach to a significant and existing challenge, exciting new idea that creates a new market/business opportunity)
  • User Experience / Design
    How easy and/or exciting is it to use this product?
  • Business Concept
    How strong is the business concept behind this project? (e.g., is the a clear and evident customer? is there a strong potential for monitization? does this product enable new busines models for existing media companies?)
  • Judge's Bonus Points
    How much do you like this project and how well is it presented?